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Today's customers require high speed on robust and reliable internet service. Pass Word is committed to enhancing your communications through the cost effective delivery of access to data and information from the internet to both residential and business customers alike. Quickly download mission critical complex files, multimedia, e-mail, and video conferencing in seconds. One of our Pass Word Internet specialists can help you select the appropriate connection type for your home or office needs.

Wireless broadband uses over the air transmission radio connection technology rather than telephone wires or TV cable to deliver high-speed, always on internet access to a subscriber's home or business at speeds as high as 18 MBps without tying up your phone lines. A radio link is established between our transmission site and a rooftop antenna/dish at your site that is then connected to your computer or network. Obstructions can interfere with line-of-site transmission and a sight survey will be required to determine service availability.

There is no reason to wait, hook up today and get more speed, peace of mind and newfound enjoyment of the internet. Call us today at 509-624-5235 to speak with one of our knowledgeable internet specialists for our latest promotions and free site survey.


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