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With Pass Word voice mail, you can set up a personal or professional business voicemail system with a single or multiple mailboxes, custom greetings, live call forwarding operator answer, 800 numbers, and a host of other advanced service options.

Each mailbox has its own local or 800 number that supports a high number of incoming calls at any time. Callers will hear your main voice greeting and may choose an extension voicemail on multiple mailbox systems. Once a caller has selected an extension, they are taken through to the user designated for that specific mailbox and will hear their custom greeting. When a message has been left, you can have the mailbox call you and notify you of the call. Calls are stored for up to 10 days for retrieval and can be checked by any phone regardless of your location.

You can now have mailbox extensions to provide more information about your products and/or services. You can have callers choose an extension to be connected to Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales etc. These extensions may then be connected to one of our live telephone operators for assistance, or sent outside the voicemail system to a land-line, cell phone or pager.

Voice mailboxes, greetings, call forwarding numbers, and notification options can all be customized to create either a simple voicemail system or full-featured voice mail network 24/7 from any location. Call us today to learn more about our competitive packages and services.


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