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Pass Word provides industry-leading One-Call Service (Call Before You Dig) to the five northern counties of Idaho:

Kootenai County: 800-428-4950
Bonner and Boundary Counties: 800-626-4950
Shoshone and Benewah Counties: 800-398-3285

Pass Word provides industry-leading One-Call Service for the State of Wyoming:

One Call Wyoming 800-849-2476


To protect the public and prevent damage to underground facilities through clear and accurate communication between excavators and underground facility operators in a timely, easy to use, cost effective manner, and to comply with all government regulations.


Our One Call Service operation provides highly trained customer service staff with expertise based on thirty-five years in the industry. That expertise led us to choose the Amtelco Infinity™ ACD platform for its sophisticated call distribution, advanced messaging capabilities, extensive call detail, and integrated voice logging with screen capture.

That expertise also directed us to the industry-leading TelDig One-Call System™, employed by One-Call services from Ontario to British Columbia, Wisconsin to New Mexico, and Alaska to Idaho. It has proven itself in installations from five to fifty seats.

TelDig has invested millions in the evolution of its One-Call System since 1996. It is proven, stable, flexible and exceptionally sophisticated. Its open architecture provides direct import/export capabilities to industry-standard GIS systems like MapInfo™ and ArcView™.

It can use GIS polygons, streets and address ranges, TRSQ, and custom methods to define utility notification areas. It provides virtually infinite resolution to avoid over-locating. For example, we cope successfully with five or more water districts within individual quarter sections.

An efficient database update process enables us to keep up with street databases that change daily. System architecture permits database layering so that Orthophotography may aid the mapping process. Ticket-entry using GPS coordinates enables us to cope with areas that are rural, poorly documented or have out-of-date data. It can deliver Locate Tickets by fax, dial-up computer, email, and FTP.

We are well acquainted with Common Ground Alliance Best Practices and apply them in the structuring of Pass Word's One-Call Service.


509-624-5235 Phone • 800-669-8737 Toll Free
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