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In 1936, Pass Word began providing answering service to doctors and other mobile customers. Technology to serve those mobile customers evolved and we evolved with it, introducing the first wireless service, radiopaging, in 1967. We have stayed at the leading edge of technology ever since.

Over time, our Call Center and Wireless services have evolved into more and more sophisticated and specialized services. Call Center services now embrace traditional messaging, very complex dedicated service like Call Before You Dig, Night Attendant Service for complex institutions, and very specialized Catalog Sales requiring specific product knowledge. Wireless has grown to provide paging service over four states with nationwide affiliation. Wireless has further evolved to add broadband Wi-Fi and licensed microwave services.

Pass Word thus offers a unique blend of personal service and technical expertise. If you have a complex mission-critical application presenting unique operational or technical demands requiring an explicit Service Level Agreement, Pass Word can do your “heavy lifting”.

Pass Word is a complete solutions provider:

Call Center Services

  • "Call Before You Dig" One Call Service
  • Order Entry
  • Specialized applications with dedicated hardware and software
  • Night Attendant Service and other remote operation of in-house facilities
  • Voice Mail
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Customer Service Help

Pass Word is committed to providing you with the very best service possible. Our mission is to save you time and money while offering you appropriate and effective solutions for all your communications needs.


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