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How to Pick-up Voicemail Messages (voicemail attached to pager)

Question: I can't figure out how to pick up the voicemail message that someone just left me. How do I do this?

Answer: Call your own pager number. During the greeting press zero. When prompted enter in your access code. From there it will take you to a menu of options.

Do not use Industrial, Heavy Duty, or Rechargeable Batteries

Question: How come I am missing some pages and getting others?

Answer: If using a Heavy Duty, Industrial, or rechargeable battery, replace this with a standard nickel cadmium battery. Are you within your coverage area? If you are using a standard battery and are within your coverage area the pager may need to be brought in for a tune and test by our technician.

How to Send a Test Page to Your Own Pager

Question: I am trying to send a test page to my own pager and it is not responding. Why is my pager not working?

Answer: When sending yourself a test page did you punch in any numbers before hanging up? Try calling it again and paging yourself with something like: 11111 or 123456789. Most pagers will not alert when a blank message is sent to it. Also, if you have tried to leave a voice message on a pager that does not have voicemail or is not a voice pager the pager may not respond.

You must Power up Prontos, Bravo LX's and Express Pagers Before they will Receive a Page

Question: I just replaced my battery and I show a time/date on my display, but now my pager is not receiving any messages. Why?

Answer: Some pager models have to be powered back up after the battery is removed. Press the Read button. The pager will then beep and is ready to receive messages again.

Pager Won't Work After Replacing the Battery

Question: I just replaced my battery and now my pager is not working at all. It worked fine prior to that. Why is my pager not working now?

Answer: The battery may have been put in backwards or the battery may not be any good. Try turning the battery around and/or try a different battery if that does not fix the problem.

When Trying to Send an Email to Pager Message it Won't Go Through

Question: I have been trying to send an email to my pager and/or I have been trying to send a page to my pager through your web site and the message is not going through to my pager. Why?

Answer: Is your pager an alphanumeric/text pager? If not, these services will not work. Are you currently subscribed to our email to pager service? When sending the email to pager messages or paging through our website, do not enter in the area code or any spaces or dashes. Send message to

How to Change the Greeting to Your Own Custom Greeting

Question: I want to change the greeting on my pager to my own message, How do I do that?

Answer: Call your own pager number. During the greeting press zero. Enter in your access code when prompted. Press in 11, this tells the system that you want to change your greeting. Pressing 30 tells the system you want to start recording (be ready as it starts recording immediately!). Pressing 1 tells the system to stop recording. You can play back the message you just recorded by pressing 40.

Display Problems

Question: My pager is only showing partial characters/numbers. What is wrong with my pager?

Answer: This is a problem with the display. It is not something that we can fix over the phone. The pager must be brought in for a repair by our technician.

Blinking Characters/Corrupted Pages

Question: I just received a page and part of the message has blinking letters/numbers. What is wrong with my pager?

Answer: This can be caused by several different things. Is your pager sitting by a computer or other electronics? Try moving your pager away from it and sending a test page. If the problem persists, it may be a CPU problem with the pager itself. The pager will need to be brought into one of our offices and sent through the repair shop.

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