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High Speed Internet Solutions for your Business

Pass Word Wireless broadband solutions use cutting edge technology to deliver lightning fast secure internet access to your small or large business. Wireless broadband service is particularly ideal for business users. Fast internet access offers increased productivity for your employees whether they're sending and receiving emails, accessing information on the Web or sending and receiving documents. Pass Words Wireless broadband allows you to complete these tasks in a fraction of the time it takes using a normal 56k dial-up connection.


Unlike most other providers, Pass Words Wireless Broadband utilizes a licensed system backbone that providing mission critical carrier grade wireless service virtually free from interference and with redundancy built in. From the main system backbone, connections are made via line of site to your business. To achieve this a small (virtually invisible) antenna is mounted on your roof or the side of your office, which is connected to a wireless router/or hub connected to your computers. The antenna receives and transmits signals to Pass Word, providing you with high-speed internet access that typically ranges from 384kbps on up. With backbone speeds of potentially up to 155 Mbps, wireless technology is a very practical and cost effective alternative to "wired" technologies such cable, DSL or Fiber. Connect to the internet at or near T1 speeds for a fraction of the cost of a traditional a wired connection.

Why Choose Pass Word Wireless Broadband

Fast connections to the internet with a variety of scalable internet speeds available from 1-45 Mb/sec, we can tailor a plan to your specific needs. Use us as your primary fast main connection to the internet or as a redundant back up path to the internet.


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